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Getting lost in a new place is exciting, but with our comprehensive New Zealand trip planner, you definitely won't miss a thing during your trip! We understand it's not every day that you take a trip. So it's only right that you make your travel a truly special and memorable one. What better way to do that than to plan for it carefully and as thoroughly as possible. This is the best way to do it and cover ALL the places you want to visit.
Top 5 New Zealand Hot Springs That You Need to Visit At Least Once in Your Life
New Zealand hot springs offer a perfectly soothing ending to an adventure-filled trip. When the temperature starts to dip, nothing beats the relaxing ambience that a hot spring offers. You will love to dip in the warm pool of water that will loosen up those tight muscles. It's pretty much an invigorating and unwinding experience you should never miss out on! So if you're planning on visiting some hot springs in New Zealand, here are our highly recommended spots that you have to explore. Check these out and have an exceptional New Zealand trip that you will never forget.
21 Sep 2018
New Zealand Skiing - A Fun and Thrilling Winter Activity For All Ages
New Zealand skiing is what makes this country popular, with dozens of amazing ski adventure trips to explore and embark on. It's not surprising that tourists flock to New Zealand to ski as there are plenty of uncrowded slopes suitable for various levels. With world-class terrain, enigmatic scenery, and exhilarating helicopter drops, skiing in this country is something you should never miss out on.
Join the Cape Reinga Tour for an Adventure Like No Other
Make your trip to New Zealand something to remember with an exciting Cape Reinga Tour. Located in the North Island's topmost portion, the Cape boasts of its pure beauty and rich Maori tradition and culture. Get acquainted with the exciting legends of the very first people on the island and feast your eyes on the panoramic views and breathtaking landscapes that the Cape has to offer.
Stargazing in New Zealand
Nothing beats the remarkable experience of stargazing in New Zealand. With its remote location, clean air, and minimal light pollution, this is indeed the perfect spot for admiring the gorgeous night sky and witnessing the stunning display of starlights. On a clear night, this is the best time to sit quietly under a blanket of stars and contemplate, take photos of these natural lights shining above your head, or challenge yourself and the kids to spot as many constellations as you can.
05 Jun 2018
Exhilarating New Zealand Adventure Tours You Should Never Miss
New Zealand adventure tours have something in store for everyone, whether you're an adrenaline junkie or in the mood for invigorating and easy hikes with scenic views all around. Explore the sprawling grassy plains and dip your toes in the soothing waters of idyllic beaches up North, weave your way through the lush rainforests in the West Coast, or conquer the picturesque Southern Alps during the warmer months. No matter how you envision your trip turning out, we can make it happen for you!
Explore Fun Waitomo Caves Tours on Your Holiday
Enter a whole new world as you embark on exciting Waitomo Caves tours on your upcoming trip. These enchanting caves attract tens of thousands of visitors each year for over 120 years. And why shouldn't it be a famous destination, when it's bursting with awe-inspiring natural wonders such as the fascinating glowworms and impressive limestone formations. Look around you, and there's an abundance of things to explore and experience in the remarkable Waitomo Caves. Dream and imagine no more and let Carine Travel Bug take you there!

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