Top 5 New Zealand Hot Springs That You Need to Visit At Least Once in Your Life

Top 5 New Zealand Hot Springs That You Need to Visit At Least Once in Your Life

21 Sep 2018 Tours, Travel Tips

New Zealand hot springs offer a perfectly soothing ending to an adventure-filled trip. When the temperature starts to dip, nothing beats the relaxing ambience that a hot spring offers. You will love to dip in the warm pool of water that will loosen up those tight muscles. It's pretty much an invigorating and unwinding experience you should never miss out on!

So if you're planning on visiting some hot springs in New Zealand, here are our highly recommended spots that you have to explore. Check these out and have an exceptional New Zealand trip that you will never forget.

Explore New Zealand Hot Springs for a Truly Relaxing and Invigorating Experience

Up New Zealand's North Island, you should never run out of hot springs to visit as there are numerous volcanoes in this part of the country. As for the South Island, there are interesting hot pools in areas least expected. This is all because of the active fault lines that have generated heat underneath the ground. As for other New Zealand hot springs, these are developed as tourist destinations, so these come with a fee.

We have gathered our top picks for the best hot springs in New Zealand including amazing features each has to offer. Here they are:

1. Hell's Gate

In Rotorua, Hell's Gate is one of the most popular hot springs you can find. It got its name from George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright who visited this place and thought of it as quite dark. But do not be deceived by its name because this hot spring is in fact very much refreshing. Here, you can find 3 amazing, mineral-rich mud baths that help renew, exfoliate, and detoxify your skin naturally.

2. Ngawha Springs

Located on North Island, you will simply fall in love with the astounding beauty of Ngawha Springs. For just $4, you can get in this charming little hot spring that sits on a geothermal field. There are 15 different hot pools in the area, with varied temperatures that go from 45 degrees C to a scorching hot 36 degrees C! What's truly spectacular about this place is how rustic the overall feel is.

3. Lost Spring

On the lovely Coromandel Peninsula lies the gorgeous Lost Spring. It boasts of its pristine clear water with picturesque views all around. There are the sculpted pools and the invigorating waterfalls with the native forest surrounding them. It kind of has a jungle-like spa feel to it, exuding a Jurassic paradise vibe to this whole place. As a bonus, there is a mystical swim-in, a refreshing cave that makes you feel as though you are exploring a hidden gem right in the Amazon - well, with nothing but the good stuff, of course!

4. Kerosene Creek

Another gorgeous jewel in Rotorua, Kerosene Creek is located in North Island where the world's active geothermal spots can be found. It features clear and clean bath-like natural pools with temperatures that range from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Completing the breathtaking beauty of this hot spring is a steaming waterfall where you can have a nice little shower. And a cool takeaway - you can enter Kerosene Creek free of charge!

5. Hanmer Springs

Now we head off to the South Island where you can find less hot springs but still worth a visit. Our favourite is the Hanmer Springs, which is perfect to visit all year round. There are plenty of facilities available here including a spacious activity area for the kids equipped with fun water slides, a massage and beauty treatments, and freshwater pools with soothing minerals. It's truly the place to be in this part of New Zealand.

Visit New Zealand Hot Springs On Your Upcoming Trip

There are indeed so many hot springs in New Zealand that you should explore one fine weekend or during an extended holiday. So if you are thinking of having a great addition to your itinerary for your trip, check out these amazing hot springs in New Zealand. Contact our travel experts at Carine Travel to help you organize your trip and make it truly hassle-free and fun!

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