Top 5 Things to Do in Wellington New Zealand

Top 5 Things to Do in Wellington New Zealand

28 Apr 2020 Experiences, Couples, Tours

These things to do in Wellington, New Zealand will give you fond memories during your trip. While it may be a relatively small city, it is definitely packed with mesmerizing sights and fun activities for people of all ages. This is why Wellington is a must-visit whether it is your first time in New Zealand or not.

From nature walks to relaxing cafes, there are indeed so many things to do in this part of the country. So let's take a look at these activities that our expert travel agents in Perth recommend to do in Wellington and be sure to add them up to your New Zealand itinerary!

Top Things to Do in Wellington New Zealand

Windy Wellington, as this city is fondly called by locals, has become one of the finest travel destinations in the country. With its gorgeous landscapes, historic spots, and bustling cafes and restaurants, it is worth a stopover for sure.

Here are recommended places to visit and things to do in Wellington New Zealand that's perfect for kids and adults alike.

1. Museum of New Zealand

Take a trip down to memory lane and get to know more about Wellington.

The Te Papa Tongarewa Museum offers a wealth of fine exhibits that allow you to explore this fascinating city - its history, people, and captivating art. Here, you can understand more about its first settlers, the Maori, and their contribution to the society.

Check out the Mana Whenua exhibition, which is the focal point of the museum. It is where you can find the epic art collection of the Maori and multimedia displays of these wonderful treasures.

2. The Beehive

The name is quite apt to its enchanting architecture. This iconic building in Wellington houses the country's parliament. But mainly, it is a unique shape that captures people's attention. Nothing looks quite like it, making it such an extraordinary city landmark.

Tours of the buildings are open to the public daily. You can also explore the key government rooms, as well as the lush gardens.

3. Kelburn Lookout Via Cable Car

Did you know that this cable car has been around since 1912? No wonder it attracts travelers and locals in Wellington. This historic car allows you to head up to Kelburn Lookout, which offers a quick but scenic journey loved by many.

Prepare your camera as there are plenty of gorgeous views to see in the cable car. In addition to the fascinating night time views, you can also check out the tunnels and illuminations displayed throughout the ride. After the trip, you can relax at a cafe at the top to soak in more views and a great cup of coffee.

4. Botanic Garden

Nature lovers will be mesmerized by the pristine oasis that the Wellington Botanic Garden offers. Sprawling flora can be seen all throughout, as well as fauna native to the city. You can also embark on an invigorating nature walk as you meander through thick conifer forests, ferneries, and flower beds.

Another site to explore in the garden is the Space Place. It offers an enchanting experience as you watch the planetarium show and walk amidst charming tropical flowers on display.

Don't forget to end the trip by visiting the Otari Native Botanic Garden. This is the place to be to explore Wellington's indigenous and rich plant life.

5. Weta Cave Tour

Now, here is something for Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans!

The Weta Cave workshop is home to the director's rice collection of special effects and props used in these blockbuster films.

For a truly immersive experience, check out the Weta Cave workshop tour. These tours are led by professionals to give you a first-hand experience of behind-the-scenes adventure. After the tour, make your way to the souvenir shop for some cool trinkets and memorabilia to bring home with you.

An Unforgettable Trip in Wellington New Zealand

There are indeed so many things to do and explore during your travel to Wellington.

From scenic nature walks, to historic tours, and behind-the-scenes adventure, there are dozens of activities that this fascinating city has to offer.

Let us help you create your itinerary by contacting our friendly and professional staff at Carine Travel Bug and experience all of these exciting things to do in Wellington New Zealand...And More!

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