Explore Fun Waitomo Caves Tours on Your Holiday

Explore Fun Waitomo Caves Tours on Your Holiday

04 May 2018 Self Drive, Tours, Travel Tips, Couples, Family, Short Breaks

Enter a whole new world as you embark on exciting Waitomo Caves tours on your upcoming trip. These enchanting caves attract tens of thousands of visitors each year for over 120 years. And why shouldn't it be a famous destination, when it's bursting with awe-inspiring natural wonders such as the fascinating glowworms and impressive limestone formations. Look around you, and there's an abundance of things to explore and experience in the remarkable Waitomo Caves. Dream and imagine no more and let Carine Travel Bug take you there!

Captivating Sights to Enjoy

Waitomo Caves are a part of New Zealand's subterranean cave system in Waikato. It is a hidden gem right beneath Waikato region's countryside, down below the rolling, lush farming site. In fact, even before you enter the cave, sightseeing begins. Waitomo cave tours open you up to a fascinating new dimension with massive caverns, marvelous stalagmites and stalactites, and jaw-dropping limestone shafts.

And there's more - a boat ride lets you cruise through an enigmatic grotto beautifully lit by tens of thousands of native glowworms populating this scenic spot in the caves. The experience is truly intense, and what you first assume as a blanket of stars right above you are in fact luminous glowworms that radiate their light to illuminate your paths. What beauty it truly is!

Waitomo Caves Tours Exciting Activities

Tag along your family and friends as you join the magical Waitomo caves tours! Nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers will appreciate the spectacular wonders housed in one of the oldest cave systems in the world. Your tour guide will take you to a spell-binding experience as you feast your eyes on the beauty all around you. But it's not all about sightseeing in the caves...

There are loads of activities to enjoy - adults and children alike!

Are you in search of something to feed your craving for adventure and speed? You're in the right place, because here's where you can go on an exhilarating blackwater rafting that will surely bring you that thrill you seek.

Or what about some canyoning and get to know more about the hidden beauty all around you. So many possibilities await!

And there's more: Coming from Waitomo, you can head east to visit Rotorua. This magnificent city boasts of its geothermal wonderland that is brimming with the captivating Maori culture, tradition, and heritage. All these should definitely enrich your trip that's full of explorations, perhaps some adrenaline rush, and a rich cultural experience that you will never forget.

Worth the Experience!

The Waitomo caves tours should be in everyone's itinerary for an adventure-packed trip in New Zealand. Choose how you wish to take on the tour, which can either be by boat or on foot. The tour is typically a 200-metre invigorating walk, but you may also swim, float, and crawl when you go blackwater rafting. Or perhaps, dare to test your limits by ziplining or abseiling through the pitch black darkness in the cave. Either way, you'll truly be captivated by this astounding cave formed millions of years ago!

With a big trip such as this one, all the planning and preparation can seem like a ton of work for anyone. But we're here to help you make your dream tour happen while lifting the amount of stress off your shoulders. Let Carine Travel Bug plan and organize your most-awaited trip for you by giving us a call today. Now, all you need to do is to pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for the most exciting Waitomo Caves Tours that will completely blow your mind!

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