Relax and Unwind at New Zealand Hot Pools

Relax and Unwind at New Zealand Hot Pools

22 Feb 2019 Experiences, Couples

New Zealand hot pools are the perfect destination during the winter season. You will also enjoy soaking in one of the many hot pools New Zealand has to offer while admiring nature views. This is why if you are planning on making the best out of your trip in this part of the world, spending it in a lovely hot pool is the perfect way to do it.

But the question is, what are the best hot pools New Zealand tourists and locals should go to? The Perth travel agents at Carine Travel Bug round up the top picks for the ultimate hot springs that you should never miss during your visit.

New Zealand Hot Pools You Should Add to Your Itinerary

Whether you're exploring the North Island or the South Island, it is definitely worth checking out New Zealand hot pools in these areas. These pools help you stay warm and invigorated when you need a break from the frigid weather.

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural hot pools New Zealand features. There are also some paid ones, as well as free ones for you to explore.

Below are among our highly recommended best hot pools in New Zealand that you will surely love.

Spa Park in Taupo

Kick back and experience genuine relaxation here in the Spa Park, located in Taupo. It is strategically located close to the bungee site in Taupo, making it widely visited by tourists and locals. There are free pools in the Spa Park, along with mini waterfalls that allow you to really submerge your body for a soothing experience.

Feeling a little brave? Dip your toes in the Waikato River for a bit of a chilly feel of the water. That should sure get your blood rushing before hitting the hot pools!

Tekapo Springs

Where can you find Onsen hot pools in New Zealand that also offers fantastic views while you relax in the water? At Tekapo Springs, that's where!

This hot pool in this part of New Zealand features a nice spot where you can go star gazing as you sit back and relax in the pool. The warm waters of the spring will invigorate you and the canopy of lights above you offer a truly magical experience. And guess what? If you happen to be at Lake Tekapo in winter, that's a great time to go ice skating on the rink. Oh, what fun!

Kerosene Creek

Famous for its stunning location and plenty of volcanoes, there is definitely not a lack of hot springs in New Zealand.

If you're on a streamlined budget, a dip into Kerosene Creek offers an outstanding relaxation for you. It's situated close to Wai-O-Tapu, and this beautiful creek is truly all-natural. Heated geothermally, you will love feeling the warmth of the water against your body while admiring the stunning two-meter waterfall. It's a place to sit under or just listen to the soothing sound of the water.

Kawhia Springs

Last but not the least, the Kawhia Springs in New Zealand is a must-visit for all of you hot pools enthusiasts. It's outside of the gorgeous Waitomo, so it would great to go on a trip to the renowned Waitomo Glowworm caves before dipping in the hot springs of Kawhia. Get some pampering at the springs after exploration in the cave. Now, that's a way to cap off your adventure!

Visit the Best Natural Pools in New Zealand!

With its perfect location and pristine nature views, New Zealand is absolutely the finest place to go to all year round! Even in the cold winter months, this country is a must-visit because of the amazing natural hot pools all around where you can keep warm and relaxed. So contact Carine Travel Bug today and let us help you plan your trip to these stunning New Zealand hot pools for your upcoming vacation!

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