New Zealand Skiing - A Fun and Thrilling Winter Activity For All Ages

New Zealand Skiing - A Fun and Thrilling Winter Activity For All Ages

21 Aug 2018 Experiences, Couples, Family, Short Breaks, Travel Tips

New Zealand skiing is what makes this country popular, with dozens of amazing ski adventure trips to explore and embark on. It's not surprising that tourists flock to New Zealand to ski as there are plenty of uncrowded slopes suitable for various levels. With world-class terrain, enigmatic scenery, and exhilarating helicopter drops, skiing in this country is something you should never miss out on.

Experience the unparalleled beauty of New Zealand's slopes this winter and check out these places where you can have an exceptional adventure like no other. Ski, wine, dine, go sight-seeing - there are plenty of things to do aside from hitting the slopes for sure!

New Zealand Skiing Trips That Are Not to Be Missed

We have hand-picked our favourite locations for an adventure-filled ski experience in New Zealand. Here are our top recommendations:

1. Mount Dobson

This is the place where you can experience hours and hours of sunshine all day! Bring your family and friends and visit the wide open, multi-level, and gorgeous runs here at Mount Dobson. It features an authentic Kiwi atmosphere where you can find friendly people who are willing to lend you a helping hand or even ski alongside you.

Are you a beginner? Or do you crave some intense and electrifying thrill as you ski? Then Mount Dobson is perfect for all of these. You can find challenging runs and smooth and easy beginners slopes to suit your preference.

2. Coronet Peak

Located in Queenstown, Coronet Peak is a renowned ski field not so far from the placid Lake Wanaka. The locals nickname this peak "Concrete Park" because of its extensive snow. This is the perfect spot for intermediate skiers to test their strength and will because of some intense runs. The climate here is pretty dry due to its low elevation, so no wonder it gets a ton of snow all winter.

While everyone considers Coronet Peak as for intermediate and the more experienced skiers, it's also suitable for entry-level skiing enthusiasts. New Zealand skiing tours in this part of Queenstown are also popular for beginners, particularly when the snow is soft with some off-piste for newbies.

3. Roundhill

At Mackenzie District, you will find Roundhill, a beautiful ski field that used to be famous among younger and beginner skiers. It is situated in Tekapo, a quaint town serving as the starting point for dozens of uncrowded ski fields. Although snowfall is not as intense in this area, you should be able to still see some powder days after a big snow dump.

What's interesting is Roundhill has been recently converted into a challenging ski spot. In fact, the longest rope tow on the planet can be found here, with a jaw-dropping length of 1.47 km. If it's your first time on a rope-tow, this can be a frightful experience. But there is a wide open slope that should be less nerve-racking for skiers who simply want to take it easy.

Bonus tip: Speed-flying and snow kiting are other popular activities in Roundhill.

4. Treble Cone

Explore a quieter area for an impressive ski field, which is what you can find in Wanaka. With fewer tourists, uncrowded beautiful slopes, and stunning scenery, Treble Cone deserves to be on your list of New Zealand skiing tour in your itinerary. The longest vertical that's lift-serviced is found here too!

Treble Cone brings to you the finest terrain and the breathtaking wonders of the majestic Southern Alps. Just keep in mind that there's not much tree-skiing here during the intense weather. But still the same, it's a must-visit for those dreaming of a relaxed ski adventure while admiring the picturesque scenes around you.

New Zealand Skiing Makes Your Trip Truly Memorable and Worthwhile

New Zealand skiing is indeed at the top of most people's list when the winter season starts and snowfall starts kicking in. So if you want to embark on a unique experience and conquer the South's snow-capped mountains and ski fields, then these recommended locations are the finest you can ever find. Let Carine Travel help you with the planning and preparation, so you can just sit back as you allow our professional travel experts to organize your most-awaited trip. Call us today to start preparing for an exciting skiing trip in New Zealand!

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