Join the Cape Reinga Tour for an Adventure Like No Other

Join the Cape Reinga Tour for an Adventure Like No Other

19 Jun 2018 Experiences, Family, Self Drive, Short Breaks, Tours, Travel Tips

Make your trip to New Zealand something to remember with an exciting Cape Reinga Tour. Located in the North Island's topmost portion, the Cape boasts of its pure beauty and rich Maori tradition and culture. Get acquainted with the exciting legends of the very first people on the island and feast your eyes on the panoramic views and breathtaking landscapes that the Cape has to offer.

Highlights of the Cape Reinga Tour

Cape Reinga is the perfect spot to witness two large bodies of water crashing together - the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. But more than this surreal experience, there's so much more that you can find as you embark on an exciting and invigorating Cape Reinga Tour.

Located up north, the Cape will give you a taste of the enigmatic landscape that New Zealand has to offer - awe-inspiring coastal views, lush vegetation, and the Northland's stunning rolling hills. For travellers of all ages, here are some fine adventures that await you on your journey.

1. Cape Reinga Lighthouse

The iconic lighthouse at the Cape is a must-see for first-time travellers. Constructed in 1941 and initially manned until 1987, the lighthouse is visible 35 kilometers out to the vast sea. This solar-powered lighthouse is a gorgeous photo opportunity and a distinct image of Cape Reinga seen in most post cards and brochures.

2. Tapotupotu Bay

After a day of exploring the Cape, you may head to the lovely Tapotupotu Bay, just a 5-kilometer drive. This is an excellent picnic spot where you can dig your toes into the sand and marvel at the pristine bay and the remarkable views all around you.

3. Pohutukawa Tree

Be amazed by this gnarled, yet history-rich 800 year-old tree at the Cape's northernmost tip. The Maoris believed their deceased loved ones leap from the tree before crashing into the waters to be reunited with their homeland, Hawaiki.

4. Ninety Mile Beach

Although it is not located on the Cape, the beach is a popular side trip which you could experience as part of your adventures. It is a strip of sand that goes all the way from Ahipara and up to Scott Point. Driving to the beach on a four-wheel drive is highly recommended - and only at certain times depending on the tide. Among the activities here at the beach are swimming, bodyboarding, surfcasting, and enjoying a scrumptious treat after digging for the famed tuatua, an exotic native shellfish that's a catch during low tide.

5. Wagener Holiday Park

One of the best fishing sites in New Zealand and also a classic favorite of campers, the Wagener Holiday Park is an outstanding location to pitch your tent or park your campervan, motorhome, or caravan. It is a cozy overnight stop when touring the North, as well as the spot for a Kiwi iconic lunch that includes the tastiest fish and chips.

Fun Never Ends at the Cape Reinga Tour

Your journey to Northern New Zealand will never be complete without the Cape Reinga Tour. It is the perfect site for sightseeing, invigorating hikes, and a fascinating Maori cultural experience your will never forget. Be sure to include this tour to your Holiday itinerary and contact Carine Travel Bug to take care of the planning and necessary preparations for your upcoming journey.

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