Explore the Pristine and Enigmatic New Zealand Fjords

Explore the Pristine and Enigmatic New Zealand Fjords

26 Mar 2019 Experiences, Couples

Ah, nothing beats the enchanting beauty of New Zealand fjords.

This pristine body of water is indeed worth a visit during your trip down south. It is the perfect spot to relax, take amazing photos, and experience nature's glory.

So what are the best New Zealand south island fjords?

If you're unsure where and how to begin your trip to discover a stunning fjord national park New Zealand has to offer, let us show you the way and learn more here.

You're only a few steps away from checking out some of the world's most gorgeous fjords!

New Zealand Fjords - What Are They?

What is a fjord in New Zealand?

Fjord sends one an image of magical views up North, with visions of a sapphire-coloured body of water surrounded by majestic cliffs and lush scenery.

New Zealand sounds fjords are exactly like this. It is a pool of water hemmed by cliffs and verdant valleys. Yes, you can find fjords not just in the north but also in the south... With a number of New Zealand south island fjords to explore!

In fact, there's a place in this country where you can find picture-perfect fjords in a remote wilderness called Fjordland. The views, the ambience, and everything else about this place is simply awe-inspiring!

Among all the fjords, the one that's easiest to get to is the renowned Milford Sound... And this post describes perfectly what to expect and how to make the most out of your visit here.

A Journey to New Zealand Fjord Milford Sound

Just one look at Milford is enough to make you realize it's not like any other place you've ever been to.

Mitre Peak is a popular feature here. It towers way above a mile's length above the water's surface. And guess what - the water is about 1,600 deep! It's simply mind-boggling to fathom such depth in this unassuming, lovely fjord.

As New Zealand fjords are all in the southwest portion of the island, it is worth checking them out one by one while in this part of the world. In Fjordland, you can find the stunning Milford Sound.

This place is also known as the wettest in the country. Can you believe that it actually gets almost 268 inches of steady rain per year? Quite a queer, yet fascinating little gem of the south.

But even with the rain, tourists who are curious to find this fjord continue to set off and witness its natural beauty. Rain is also a good time to see bigger waterfalls in the area, where these beauties crash from their peak about half a mile, sometimes even more to the pool of water down below!

Surprisingly, even during the wet season, these fjords are worth visiting. You can still find outstanding waterfalls, so you don't come home empty-handed.

What to Do at New Zealand Milford Sound

So what is it to do at this gorgeous fjord in New Zealand?

You can kayak on the sound beginning at dusk, and skirt along the lovely edges of the towering cliffs. It is also an invigorating activity to walk and hike up the Milford Track, perfect for adventure-seekers out there!

It is worth noting that you can reach Milford Sound via Milford Road. If you prefer to fly, however, you may also do so.

Upon reaching the fjord, you can also embark on a New Zealand fjords cruise and admire the waterfalls, massive mountains, and the tea-coloured pristine water for an experience you will never forget.

Visit New Zealand Fjords for a Trip Like No Other

There are indeed so many reasons to check out New Zealand south island fjords - and the best time to do so is now.

Allow us to help you plan out your itinerary and to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

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