Experience White Water Rafting Queenstown for a Memorable Holiday

Experience White Water Rafting Queenstown for a Memorable Holiday

26 Oct 2018 Experiences, Couples, Family

White water rafting Queenstown is for every adrenaline junkie, adventure seeker, or just about anyone who wants to create lasting, fun memories. If you're in this part of New Zealand for a holiday, you can absolutely feed your adventurous spirit with tons of activities to do. Tag along your family, friends, or go by yourself and meet white water rafter aficionados like you. No matter how you do it, this trip is sure to give you the rush and excitement you're after.

Ready to paddle, take a splash, and ride the rapids? Great! Here are the top picks of our Perth travel agents at Carine Travel Bug for the best white water rafting experience Queenstown has to offer.

Top 3 Best White Water Rafting Queenstown Adventures to Choose From

Queenstown is the best place to be if you're looking to embark on an exhilarating white water rafting. It's a popular choice not only among advanced rafters but also beginners who are curious to get in the white water rapids. This part of the country boasts of exceptional landscapes that you can see while aboard the raft and as you ride the rapids. Plus, the rushing rivers create various grades of rapids for you to enjoy. Try any or all of these white water rafting Queenstown experiences on your upcoming trip.

1. Landsborough River

Rafting on the infamous Landsborough River will be nothing but wet and wild for sure! This gorgeous river features wickedly fun rapids between grades 3 and 4. It's perfect for experienced rafters who want to get that thrill of a lifetime while in Queenstown.

Another amazing thing about rafting on the Landsborough River is the view. You'll have to decide whether you'd paddle or snap photos because photo opportunities are just so plenty! The rapids will take you through this part of Queenstown's wildlife, hanging glaciers, and lush rainforests. Not only will you have stories to tell your friends back home about your rafting adventure but you'll get souvenirs in your camera from the spectacular nature shots you can get from this trip.

2. Shotover River

If you think you've seen and experienced everything during your Queenstown trip, wait till you get on the raft and conquer the adventure-packed Shotover River. Offering grades 3 and 5 rapids, it's not for the faint of heart. It's crazy wild but worth the experience if you want to test your willpower and feed your hunger for a rush without a doubt.

Get to know firsthand the Shotover River's untamed nature. Here, you can tackle the renowned "Mother" rapids, featuring 6 monstrous rapids between grades 4 and 5. Then, you will enter the pitch-black Oxenbridge Tunnel that stretches at 170 meters long. The last leg is a drop into the outstanding Cascade Rapid that will complete your thrilling white water rafting experience in this rough and exciting river.

3. Kawarau River

For beginners and families who want to go river rafting on gentler rapids, the Kawarau River is a fine choice. This river offers a backdrop of the world-famous Gibbston Valley, a wine region in New Zealand that's so lush and vibrant all around. While on your raft, you will float past the enigmatic rock cliffs and feast your eyes on the jaw-dropping scenery where the Lord of the Rings movie was shot.

Overall, this river offers a relaxed experience for rafters, making it possible for groups with mixed ages and rafting abilities to enjoy. So you can just sit back, enjoy the breathtaking views while you ride the rapids of the lovely Kawarau River.

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