Top 5 Rotorua Attractions to Make Your Holiday Memorable

Top 5 Rotorua Attractions to Make Your Holiday Memorable

18 Dec 2019 Couples

New Zealand's Rotorua attractions are magical. It is like entering a whole new world full of wonder, lush landscape, and... bubbling ponds! This quaint town is packed with geothermal activity, making it the perfect spot for hot springs and geysers, among many other vacation adventures.

If you want to experience something unique and exciting during your holiday, then you have to include Rotorua to your itinerary. You will be amazed by the moonscape that this low-slung, sleepy town boasts of, which will surely complete your trip to down south.

Best Rotorua Tourist Attractions Not to be Missed

Fascinating and enlivening, Rotorua has an abundance of extraordinary attractions that will blow your mind and captivate your senses. From epic silica terraces to glow worms in caves, this gorgeous town has a ton to offer. Our Perth travel agents at Carine Travel Bug share 5 of the best tourist attractions you should never miss out.

1. Wai-O-Tapu

Be amazed by the geothermal oddities that await you at Wai-O-Tapu. This is a must-visit to pay homage to the spectacular Lady Knox geyser that makes this town famous, among a few others. If you want to witness this beauty spewing water about 20 meters high, then you should make it a point to be there by 10 in the morning.

But in addition to the shooting of water, the area surrounding the geyser is truly a marvel. You will find the kaleidoscopic color of the area with mud pools bubbling with activity and fluorescent green water pools that are out-of-this-world.

There are walkways for you to explore, so you can traverse this ethereal beauty to capture perfect views of the volcanic wonder in several angles.

2. Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Another one of the finest Rotorua attractions is the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. It is often at the top spot of tourists' must-see places in the town, so they could have a first-hand experience of the silica terraces and seething mud right before their very eyes.

The tantalizing lime-green and acid-yellow terraces are simply awe-inspiring. And then there is the massive geyser in the breathtaking inferno crater, which highlights your trip to the valley.

Explore the trail that meanders to Lake Rotomahana's lovely shores, where you can also take boat trips to witness the geothermal features up close. This 45-minute round trip boat ride is something enriching to history fans out there.

3. Te Wairoa

This interesting structure dates back in 1852, which was designed as the epitome of a traditional Maori village. Here, you can find the stunning pink and white terraces and be acquainted with the rich history it tells. According to historians, this village was covered in 2-meter thick mud when the majestic Mt. Tarawera erupted. While many village folks escaped, a few lives were lost because of this devastating calamity.

At present, this village has become a museum with various items in display, which were unraveled during archaeological excavations conducted in the 1930s. You can also find an enchanting walking trail that leads you to the Wairere Falls.

4. Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Imagine yourself walking around a glowing cave, but instead of lights illuminating your path, it's hundreds of glow worms lighting up the entirety of this underground structure! In fact, the Waitomo glowworm cave houses hundreds of thousands of this species of worm, which is the Arachnocampa Luminosa.

Everywhere you turn, you can find these creatures on walls and rock ceilings sending off their twinkling lights. There are boat tours inside the cave every 30 minutes, and these take you to a 250-meter journey into the enigmatic subterranean passages of these caverns. Truly a wonder that you must experience!

5. Hobbiton

Last but not least, there's the Hobbiton. This place needs no introduction for Lord of the Rings fans. It is the renowned film set of the trilogy including the Hobbit films. Go on a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to this charming little village set on Alexander Farm. As it has been preserved by its owners, this site offers you a rare opportunity to explore Middle-Earth.

Visit the Shire and the inns and mills, just as how they were seen in the movies. The lush countryside with its rolling hills are a marvelous sight to witness. It is as though you have just stepped into the fantasy world created by the brilliant Tolkien.

Plan a Visit to These Rotorua Attractions

It is not every day that you get to visit something epic and out of the ordinary.

This is why if you happen to visit this part of New Zealand, you should make it a point to check off your list these Rotorua tourist attractions that await you.

Give us a call today and let us help you prepare your New Zealand trip to include these Rotorua attractions to your itinerary!

As your trusted travel agent, we’re here to save you time and show you value for money. Creating a travel plan with us is the best plan if you're serious about seeing the world.

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