Top 5 Kaikoura Things to Do - Travel Guide and Tips

Top 5 Kaikoura Things to Do - Travel Guide and Tips

28 Jan 2020 Couples

These fun and exciting Kaikoura things to do will make your trip worthwhile. If you happen to find yourself in this part of New Zealand, be sure not to miss these amazing places to visit. There are plenty of activities waiting for you to do, so be sure to check these out. Take a look at our recommended attractions in Kaikoura.

5 Exciting Kaikoura Things to Do

This part of the South Island is full of activities to experience and places to explore. Here are our recommended things to do in Kaikoura for an enriching and memorable trip.

1. Fyffe House

The whaling industry has a long history in Kaikoura. Today, you can see an old remnant of the whaling business turned into an interesting tourist destination. Fyffe House is the oldest building found in Kaikoura, which dates back to the 1840s. And here’s the most fascinating part - the structures are supported by... hundreds of whale bones! It is truly worth a visit.

2. Whale Watching

Speaking of whales... Kaikoura is where you should go for magical sperm whale sightings. You can visit all year round for this enchanting spectacle, and it is wonderful to see these massive creatures head off to the Antarctic waters. Aside from sperm whales, there are other species of whale including Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, and Pilot Whales, to name a few.

3. Point Kean Seal Colony

Just an hour walk right from Kaikoura town center is the prime spot to watch native fur seals up close. Go towards the breathtaking Point Kean viewpoint, and you will find a seal colony, as well as penguins and wading birds flocking to this pristine spot. If you want more of this nature sighting, you should proceed to Whalers Bay to view dozens of wildlife in their cozy habitat. Such a refreshing sight to behold!

4. Mountain Biking to the Mt. Fyffe Summit

Get in shape as you work those leg muscles and pedal your way to Mt. Fyffe. Some people might prefer to hike up to this mountain but you can also cycle up there on your mountain bike. The view going to the peak is gorgeous but the road that takes you up is just as epic. Just keep in mind that this is not ideal for beginner cyclists. Prepare for a very steep and narrow track, which you are sharing with hikers.

5. Lavendyl Lavender Farm

Last but not least, one of our favorite Kaikoura things to do is a visit to the awe-inspiring Lavendyl Lavender Farm. This is the place to be for a peaceful stroll along vibrant flowers and well-kept gardens. After your walk, you can sip a nice cup of tea and soak in the wonderful views all around you. There is also a rustic, cozy cottage that you can rent if you prefer to turn a day trip into a soothing weekend retreat.

No Other Place Like Kaikoura

Kaikoura is indeed a special place that deserves to be in your must-visit list of places in the South Island. So if you are interested in checking out these beautiful attractions, allow our Perth travel agents at Carine Travel Bug to help you plan a fine trip with these Kaikoura things to do all included in your itinerary! Call our experienced travel agents today!

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