Experience the Finest New Zealand Luxury Holidays You Deserve

Experience the Finest New Zealand Luxury Holidays You Deserve

20 Jul 2018 Couples, Ocean Cruise, Family, Luxury, Short Breaks, Tours

Treat yourself to the best New Zealand luxury holidays like no other. Cruise the azure waters on a yacht, hike at the country's finest trails, and pamper yourself to a luxurious spa experience. These - and so much more - await any traveller who yearns for an authentic grand holiday that New Zealand has to offer!

Top New Zealand Luxury Holidays To Choose From

Are you an avid golfer, or perhaps a hiking enthusiast, or an adventure seeker looking to explore and become acquainted with New Zealand's secret trove of untouched precious wonders? Prepare to get your bucket list checked off as you take on the best New Zealand luxury holidays you have been dreaming of. We have scoped the map to give you a comprehensive list of must-try activities that you can only get in this fascinating country.

Wine and Dine in New Zealand

Prepare to be amazed by what this wining and dining paradise has to offer. With New Zealand's ideal climate, this is where the freshest and most flavourful ingredients thrive and ready to be harvested - from the farm to your table! Wine lovers can taste the vibrant flavour and full body of the country's finest wines captivating even the most discriminating palate. Whether you go wine-tasting on the alpine peaks or the shoreline, any location is ultimately possible. There are lush vineyards strategically situated in prime locations to give you a truly memorable wine-tasting experience.

Take a Trip to New Zealand's Breathtaking Golf Courses

There are no other golf courses on the planet as mind-blowing as New Zealand's premium courses. Cliff-top golf courses in Hawke's Bay and the Bay of Islands offer an immense experience for every golfing aficionado. The vastness of the verdant course and the surrounding picturesque views are a mighty feast to the senses!

Explore the Natural Beauty of New Zealand's Landscapes

Go on foot as you journey throughout the epic landscapes of the country. There are sweeping coastlines to explore, rugged mountainscapes to conquer, and pristine beaches nearly all throughout the country that will blow your mind. Hike at Northland's thick native bush, head to Queenstown to discover more about the city's spectacular walks or take photos of the remarkable Mount Iron Track in Wanaka during your trek. There are plenty of hikes for all levels, whether you are an amateur or an experienced hiker.

Embark on a Luxurious New Zealand Yacht Cruise

Set sail to witness the pristine waters and tranquil coastline in New Zealand while aboard a yacht. Take various snapshots of the gorgeous bays, dolphins, and whales popping out of the water, and the bountiful marine life that look spectacular through your lenses. But that's not all - there are several activities that await you onboard or on land. Popular sites to explore include the Bay of Islands, Whangaroa, Russell, Stewart Island, and Coromandel Coast.

Pamper Yourself to a World-Class Spa Experience in New Zealand

After an invigorating day of exploration, kick back and relax as you receive the ultimate pampering you deserve in New Zealand's first-class tranquil spas. Choose from dozens of relaxing spa treatments available that will help you attain harmony and tranquillity of your spirit, mind, and body. The soothing ambiance combined with the expertise of spa therapists will give you the best pampering experience you deserve.

Plan Your New Zealand Luxury Holidays Today!

There are unlimited ways to experience authentic New Zealand luxury holidays - and our list of activities proves it. Get yourself on the next plane to New Zealand and treat yourself to an awe-inspiring vacation you will not forget. Contact Carine Travel today and allow our friendly travel experts to help you prepare for your New Zealand luxury holidays!

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