Experience Cathedral Cove Camping - New Zealand Nature's Finest

Experience Cathedral Cove Camping - New Zealand Nature's Finest

29 Jul 2019 Couples

Cathedral cove camping remains at the top of things to-do list when in New Zealand.

What better way for you to enjoy the pristine beaches and gorgeous sands of the cove than to camp out for a night or two. Indeed, it is a must-do when you are in the stunning Cathedral Cove, one of New Zealand's most priced treasures!

Cathedral Cove Camping - An Activity Not to Be Missed

You can easily walk to the stunning Cathedral Cove from Coromandel's equally beautiful Hahei Beach.

The cove features an impressive archway formed naturally. It is definitely a rare photo opportunity you need to take as it is nothing you have ever seen before.

As you walk from the north end portion of the beach, this should take about an hour of exploring by foot. You will see a hiking track that will take you to the clifftop. Afterwards, it goes down to the cove.

From here, you will quickly notice the majestic arch that is the gateway to the two enigmatic, and otherwise secluded coves.

This arch gives the cove its name, thanks to its cathedral-like shape. And yes, it does lend the entire vicinity a permeating sense of grandeur and richness.

The pristine sand woes every camper who yearns for an authentic beach camping experience. And indeed, you can pitch your tent underneath the lovely pohutukawa trees.

Just right outside your makeshift home for a night or two, you have your private playground where you can swim, enjoy a quiet picnic, and admire a serene seascape first thing when you wake up.

If you are in the mood for some exploring, you can let your feet take you to the enticing Te Hoho. This awe-inspiring structure features a rare Pumice Breccia Rock, quite massive and depicts a jaw-dropping sculpture performed by nature itself.

Wind and water have sculpted this stunning piece of art that resembles a large ship's prow that steams into the lush beach.

However, if you are leaning more towards a relatively easier, quicker walk (about an hour and a half roundtrip), then you can begin your hike from Grange Road. Keep in mind, though, that parking is not allowed at this road from October to the last day of April.

If walking does not appeal to you, specifically during the warmer months, you can ride a shuttle that runs from Pa Road's visitor car park. It will take you to the beginning of the trail to Cathedral Cove.

Aside from hiking and camping, Cathedral Cove offers an exhilarating activity for water sport enthusiasts.

The Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve is a natural playground for scuba divers and snorkelers who are in search of an adventure underwater. Here, one can witness a whole new world of reef systems and sponge gardens bursting with marine life.

Definitely an experience you should never miss.

A New Zealand Adventure Featuring Cathedral Cove Camping - and More!

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