Don't Miss the Finest Queenstown to Christchurch Drive

Don't Miss the Finest Queenstown to Christchurch Drive

04 Nov 2019 Couples, Luxury, Tours

A Queenstown to Christchurch drive is a must-do when in New Zealand. You simply should not pass up that rare experience of soaking in outstanding views in the country. With picturesque sights and fascinating adventures waiting, the drive remains at the top of everyone's list.

But the question is, where should you go for that epic drive from Queenstown to Christchurch? What is the best itinerary for you to take?

We explore all the finest Queenstown to Christchurch road trip routes for you to take that will surely make your vacation one of the best!

Queenstown to Christchurch Drive - Our Highly Recommended Trips

Every road trip enthusiast will be enthralled by what's waiting for them in a Queenstown to Christchurch road trip. Here are the top picks of Carine Travel Bug Perth travel agents that you should never miss.

1. Arrowtown

Get your camera ready and your batteries fully charged because a Queenstown to Christchurch drive is sure to have you snapping tons of photos! We recommend that you head off to Arrowtown, where you can get your caffeine fix while admiring the gorgeous views all around you.

Here, you can find the historic Chinese settlement in Arrowtown, as well as a museum. As you hit the Arrow Junction, you will be amazed by the jaw-dropping beauty of the mountain pass taking you through the lovely Wanaka.

Interested in sipping some fine wines? Great! Then, you should go to a winery tour at Cromwell. Enjoy the renowned Pinot Noir and experience the gorgeous scenery and spectacular produce only at the breathtaking Gibbston Valley Winery.

2. Wanaka

Wanaka is packed with awe-inspiring activities for you to explore and experience. Avid bikers should pedal to the Sticky Forest Mountain Bike Park. The trails are exceptional and the views are equally amazing. Then, before you head off to bed, you should check out bustling cocktail bars and boutique restaurants for a few bites and drinks.

After a detour adventure to Wanaka, you can now take that path leading to Christchurch. Once again, the views are always spectacular. So soak in the beauty all around you and enjoy the ride!

3. Omarama

Whether you are an adventurous or a nature lover who just wants a relaxing experience, Omarama has plenty to offer. This is the place to watch working sheepdogs and sheep shearing at the famous Wrinkly Rams. If you like something more action-packed, you can take an exhilarating glider flight.

After a fast-paced day activity, a soothing hot tub while watching the starry night sky sounds about right at the well-loved Hot Tubs in Omarama.

4. Cromwell

Take another side trip to a few wineries and cafes, which are just some of the attractions Cromwell has in store for you. This is the place to go for boating and fishing. It is also the perfect place for you to engage in fun water sports. You can also stretch out your legs and breathe fresh air at the lovely Cromwell Gorge.

Do you want something educational and historical to do? Then a walk through the town's gold mining history should be perfect, along with a stroll along the Old Cromwell Town.

Plan Your Upcoming Queenstown to Christchurch Drive

There are so many things to do in the beautiful Queenstown! So if you are ready for some adventures, then go ahead and contact us to help you plan out the best Queenstown to Christchurch road trip you will never forget.

Unsure of how to make your travel restart a reality? Start by talking to us. As your trusted travel agent, we’re here to save you time and show you value for money. Why not let us help you create a travel plan, not only for your next trip but the one after that and the one after that! Just as you would see an advisor to map our your financial future, working with us on a travel plan is the best plan if you're serious about seeing the world.

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