Discover Fiordland New Zealand Today for a Trip Like No Other

Discover Fiordland New Zealand Today for a Trip Like No Other

26 Nov 2018 Couples, Experiences

Fiordland New Zealand is without a doubt one of the most stunning and picturesque places in the country. It has plenty to offer for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and travellers of all ages. Learn more about why this part of New Zealand is famous throughout the world and lose yourself soon in the enchantment that Fiordland has to offer.

Fiordland New Zealand, A Unique Beauty of Its Own Class

Picture yourself amidst breathtaking views and in a paradise with an abundance of flora and fauna. This is what Fiordland New Zealand is all about. It is a haven for people in search of the most beautiful sights and dozens of activities to do.

Fiordland features an ancient rainforest, majestic waterfalls, and pristine lakes that shimmer like diamonds as the sun shines on them. The best ways to explore these natural treasures are by foot or by air... And sometimes, on a kayak!

Here are the most exciting activities to do that our Perth travel agents recommend for you when you visit Fiordland New Zealand.

1. Fiordland Lodge Te Anau New Zealand

The first thing to do when you get to Fiordland is to search for a lovely accommodation that you can call your home away from home. Fiordland Lodge fits this criterion quite well, as it's the most popular choice of travellers requiring superb comfort, ease, and privacy. It is set in a countryside where you can witness the gorgeous Lake Te Anau right out your window. Warm, homey, and tranquil, Fiordland Lodge offers 10 luxury guest rooms and an executive suit for a more discerning traveller.

2. Fiordland National Park New Zealand

If you are into hiking, the Fiordland National Park is the place to go. Milford Track is the most popular walk to experience. It is suitable for intermediate to experienced hikers and completion of the trail takes about 5 days. So lace up your shoes, bring your camera, bottle of water, and enjoy the walk and views at Milford Track!

3. Dive and Sea Kayak Fiordland New Zealand Adventures

For those who opt to explore the fiords by water, sea kayaking is the perfect way to do it. Hop in your kayak and witness the remarkable beauty of Lake Manapouri and Lake Te Anau. And if you feel the call of marine life in the deep blue sea, you can dive in the Fiordland and have a close encounter of deep-water plants and colorful fish down below. Be prepared to find a couple of penguins, fur seals, and dolphins, as well.

4. Fishing

With an abundance of fish in Fiordland, this place is definitely an angler's paradise. Sail up and down the placid Waiau River and catch yourself some Brown and Rainbow Trouts. You can also go jet boating along with trout fishing to make the most out of your day trip. Get ready to fill up your container with an abundance of fish including tuna, gurnard, and blue cod, to name a few.

5. Bird Watching

Witness the thriving native birdlife in Fiordland, and be prepared to take snapshot after snapshot of fascinating birds who are local residents at the serene bird sanctuary at Te Anau. Among the bird species you can find are the native forest parrot, Tawaki, Kaka, and Takahe.

Capture the Beauty of Fiordland New Zealand for a Rich Travel Experience

There are indeed so much to see, do, and experience in Fiordland - and it's the perfect time to come visit!

So whether you are planning on going alone, with your family, or with friends, be sure to check out these recommended activities. These things to do and places to explore will enrich your trip and leave you with stories to share with your friends back home.

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