Discover Cathedral Cove New Zealand - A Paradise Like No Other

Discover Cathedral Cove New Zealand - A Paradise Like No Other

06 May 2019 Couples

Your holiday will never be complete without a trip to Cathedral Cove, New Zealand. It is a must-visit if you wish to have a vacation you will never forget.

As this place is only accessible on boat, kayak, or on foot, you can just imagine how pristine and untouched this natural wonder is. This is why it is best to find reputable Cathedral Cove kayak tours to help you plan your trip. It is a hassle-free way to ensure your great trip in a most organized and seamless manner.

Let's take a look at what you can expect from Cathedral Cove, what is amazing about it, and how to make the most out of your trip in this part of New Zealand.

Cathedral Cove New Zealand - Paths to Take

On Cathedral Cove, you can find numerous scenic tracks that open up to spectacular sights. If you go there on foot, be sure not to miss the track that leads to Mares Leg, Cathedral Cove, and Gemstone Bay.

The journey to Cathedral Cove begins at Grange Road, at the very top. This is for those who wish to bring their car, however, parking is only allowed between May 1st and September 30th.

For those who would like to reach Cathedral Cove from Hahei Beach, you may do so by walking for about 25 minutes. It is the last spot where you can enjoy your food and refill drinking bottles. If you have some rubbish with you, Hahei has spots where you can dispose of these before you proceed to your journey.

Another alternative to take to get to Cathedral Cove is the Viewing Platform. It is for those who are seeking a more off-the-beaten-path walking experience. Here, you can come across skinny pines, a gorgeous green pasture, lovely undergrowth, and fantails along the way. The 2-kilometer track is indeed worthwhile, and the cliff top views are simply awe-inspiring!

As this track is not a popular choice, chances are, you will be the only one taking this track. A quiet, leisurely walk awaits you at the Viewing Platform.

Hidden Gems to Discover at Cathedral Cove

Once you have reached Cathedral Cove, expect to be amazed by the sights unfolding right on your very eyes.

The moment you step out onto the cove, you will find the surreal beauty of the beach greeting you. Imagine golden sand, dreamy cliffs, calm waters with rhythmical lapping waves... It is truly a paradise worth the long but invigorating journey toward it!

Cathedral Cove kayaking is a highly recommended activity to do here at the cove by our Perth travel agents at Carine Travel. You will find yourself paddling through the stunning sea caves or interacting with the rich marine life as you discover a beautiful world down below.

For those who wish to tag their children along, Cathedral Cove kayaks are completely suitable for young children. They will surely have a grand time discovering the hidden beauty of the cove that offers them fascinating views all around.

Indeed, Cathedral Cove at the gorgeous Coromandel Peninsula is a paradise to discover that should never be missed. It truly deserves a spot in your bucket list!

To assist you in organizing your trip to Cathedral Cove New Zealand, contact Carine Travel Bug for an enjoyable and worthwhile travel experience. We will make sure that your journey flows as smoothly as you expect it to be for a truly spectacular New Zealand adventure you will cherish forever.


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