Connect with Nature Through the Finest New Zealand Great Walks and Hiking Trails

Connect with Nature Through the Finest New Zealand Great Walks and Hiking Trails

22 Aug 2019 Couples

Nothing beats the finest New Zealand great walks and hiking trails.

These offer excellent use of your time and energy, as you explore new terrains and get in touch with nature.

And in New Zealand, there is an abundance of walks and hiking trails for you to explore!

Have a look at these New Zealand great walks that should complete your dream trip to this part of the world!

New Zealand Hiking Trails - A Journey in Paradise

Trekking and hiking in New Zealand is a must-do when you go to this paradise down south.

In fact, there are plenty of places to hike and trek in the Southern Alps of the planet. Here are the top favorites of our Perth travel agents that you can choose from.

1. Abel Tasman Coastal Track

If you prefer something strenuous but with such a rewarding view for your trek, then the Abel Tasman Coastal Track is an excellent choice for you.

This hike is of moderate difficulty, and it covers 40 kilometres in total.

The Abel Tasman hike begins in Marahau and ends in Totaranui. During the hike, you can see epic views and camp out on the beach for a relaxing night out in nature.

There are pristine forests here in the track including the New Zealand flax and the Nikau Palms that are simply a-plenty!

Among the finest campsites that you can check out include the Onetahuti Bay, Apple Tree Bay, and the Mosquito Bay.

Allot at least 3 to 5 days for this hike.

2. Hollyford Track

Inexperienced hikers will love to get their feet wet in the world of hiking by checking out the Hollyford Track.

It is an easy hike that should last for 3 days or shorter, depending on your endurance and stamina.

This 55-kilometre hike begins at Te Anau and ends at Martins Bay.

The Hollyford Track is on the southern part of Queenstown, and it features stunning views of the Fjords and the most pristine rainforests there are. The Fiordland National Park is another highlight of this journey, where you can see the mountains, forests, and the rarest beauty of nature.

3. Heaphy Track

Another one of our favorite hikes is this easier to somewhat moderately difficult hike - the Heaphy Track.

It covers 78 kilometres, and it can be completed in a matter of 4 to 5 days.

You will begin at the Brown and Aorere Rivers and it ends in Kohaihai.

In fact, if you can do to hikes back to back, the Heaphy Track is a fantastic one to do right after the Abel Tasman Coastal Track (if you still have the stamina to do it!).

Among the attractions you can expect from this hike include swing bridges, subalpine environments, Nikau palms, and the Kahurangi National Park.

4. Dusky Track

Ready for something more intense than Abel Tasman? Then you HAVE to hike the Dusky Track!

The difficulty level for this hike is "hard" mainly because it is a remote trek that is accessible only via helicopter, plane, or boat.

It takes 10 days to complete this trek, and it runs from the Hauroko Burn Hut all the way to the dazzling Lake Manapouri.

This 83.6-kilometre hike offers a slice of paradise to anyone who dares to take on this thrilling challenge.

But since this is an intense adventure, there is not a lot of people who do this hike, so expect to see fewer people on the road.

Avid explorers will love the creek crossings, muddy and sloping paths with inclined mountain ascents that will challenge their body, mind, and spirit.

Explore the Finest New Zealand Great Walks and Hiking Trails

Any avid nature explorer should never pass up the chance to hike New Zealand hiking trails!

Not only are these one of the world’s finest but the whole experience of taking on the challenge is truly rewarding and invigorating.

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