7 Must-See Attractions on Your New Zealand Road Trip to South Island

7 Must-See Attractions on Your New Zealand Road Trip to South Island

25 Mar 2020 Couples

A New Zealand South Island road trip getaway is on many people's bucket list. And why wouldn't it be? It promises an epic ride that is sure to be a feast for all your senses!

If you are looking to travel and take those gorgeous snapshots, you should put the South Island in your itinerary. There are just so many things to explore and experience. We promise you that all of these attractions will not disappoint.

So, without further ado, check out these top 7 New Zealand South Island road trip ideas of our expert Perth travel agents at Carine Travel Bug.

New Zealand Road Trip South Island - Best Recommendations for an Unforgettable Holiday

The South Island is undeniably stunning. If you have not explored it in the past, or you want to rediscover its beauty, be sure to check out this list. Here are top places for a New Zealand road trip South Island holiday that will never disappoint!

1. Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Ah, Christchurch. Such a gorgeous city that offers stunning views and attractions each time. We recommend that you take this trip to witness stunning nature views. It is the place to relax and check out tranquil duck ponds, massive trees, and beautiful flower beds all around. While you're at it, check out the Avon River and follow the trail for an immersive nature experience.

2. Christchurch Gondola

Prepare your camera for dozens of snapshots you can take at the Christchurch Gondola. You can have an unobstructed view of snowcapped mountains from here. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, why not hike or explore the tunnels? All of these are worth the time without a doubt!

3. Cathedral Square

Are you fond of history and architecture? If so, then the Cathedral Square is a great stopover on your Christchurch road trip. It's been left standing since the 1900s, and it remains in its glory even after the earthquake that shook the city in recent years.

4. Lake Tekapo

After Christchurch, prepare for a breathtaking trip you will not forget. Lake Tekapo is the place to be if you are hungry for great hikes and awe-inspiring nature views. In fact, it is one of the country's most photographed lakes. There is also a small church with a gorgeous view of the mountains and other scenery.

5. Lake Pukaki

Not many people know about Lake Pukaki but it is undeniably among the finest in the South Island. It is the whimsical color of the lake that draws many people towards it. Plus, with its impressive appeal, it is truly worth a stop during your New Zealand road trip.

6. Fiordland

Another one of South Island's finest, Fiordland is the place to be. It is home to pristine natural attractions as it is a wilderness beauty. These sights open you up to the evolutionary history of the earth. You can also have access to Milford Sound in this area. It takes you to an unbelievably gorgeous journey amidst towering peaks and fascinating wildlife.

7. Queenstown

Last but not least, you should definitely check out Queenstown. It is New Zealand's resort town where fun never ends. You should visit some of these attractions including The Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu, and the other similar nature spots.

The Finest New Zealand Road Trip South Island Adventure

There are indeed so many things to explore and experience in New Zealand's South Island. It is teeming with attractions and beautiful surroundings you will not regret. So, go ahead and feed your senses with the beauty of nature and fun activities on the South Island. Check out these recommended places and please feel free to contact us to help you plan your upcoming New Zealand road trip South Island adventure!

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