11 Best Queenstown Adventure Activities You Should Not Miss

11 Best Queenstown Adventure Activities You Should Not Miss

01 Oct 2019 Couples

If you're wondering about Queenstown adventure activities to do, you're in luck! This is your comprehensive guide on adventure activities in Queenstown. Whether it's your first time in this part of the country or not, these recommended adrenaline-pumping trips will blow your mind.

Let's jump right in these Queenstown outdoor activities, pack your gear, and get your itinerary all planned out!

Queenstown NZ Adventure Activities to Rock Your World

There is no limit to adventure activities in Queenstown New Zealand that anyone can do. Adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts will feel right in their element - this we guarantee. Queenstown is a playground for adventure seekers, as well as for folks looking for a more laid back, yet fun and exciting activities.

The Perth travel agents at Carine Travel Bug have done the homework to spare you from having to rack your brains for cool ideas on Queenstown New Zealand adventure activities. Browse through our list and see which among these 11 epic activities speak to you then jot it down in your itinerary.

1. Breathtaking Helicopter Ride Over Stunning Milford Sound

You should NEVER skip this activity if you want to make your Queenstown trip worthwhile.

We highly recommend that you check out Milford Sound while aboard a helicopter for a bird's eye view of this stunning paradise. Looking down, you can find a gorgeous alpine lake and the majestic Mitre Peak, among other awe-inspiring views.

And to cap off this adventure, touchdown on Middle Earth Waterfalls for a delightful picnic as you soak in the enigmatic views around you.

2. Hike up to Queenstown Hill

If you're a sunset or sunrise-viewing kind of a person, Queenstown Hill is the place to be.

It's a less strenuous hike, as compared to other more well-known hikes in Queenstown. Just be sure to pack your camera or you'll regret not snapping those out-of-this-world photos you'll find at the peak!

3. Hop on the Shotover

No trip to Queenstown will ever be complete without hopping on this fine jet boat ride around Shotover Canyon.

If you feel the need for speed combined with a water sport activity, then this is perfect for you. Thrill-seekers will enjoy the insanely fast speeds that this jet boat ride can take them, making it one of the most exciting activities to try in Queenstown.

4. Jump in the Luge

Unleash your adventurous spirit by jumping in the Luge!

This little buggy takes you to a fast-paced drive on a downhill racetrack - and there's just no stopping once you're on it. The ride begins at the Skyline, and you can slow down or step on it to go faster - but stopping is only possible once you've reached the end.

Fun? That's an understatement. This ride's EPIC!

5. Take the Plunge on a Bungy

It's now or never… And you better choose NOW.

We highly recommend AJ Hackett for bungee jumpers who want something that will test their will power and swallow up their fears. With a few bungy locations to choose from depending on your preferred site, a few minutes spent hanging upside down is surely one that you'll never forget.

6. Conquer Ben Lomond

Afraid of heights?

The hike up to Ben Lomond should shake that fear off your system. It's actually more of an endurance activity with the height factor (it's a 1728-meter ascend). But hey, there's no need to rush.

Take your time and smell the roses, so to speak. Enjoy the 6 to 8 hours full-day hike that's absolutely worth your precious time.

7. Be Impressed with the Remarkables

The name is truly fitting to this mountain range because… Yep, it's remarkable indeed!

The drive is absolutely beautiful, with the long and winding road lends itself to be the spot for stunning vistas over Queenstown. It could easily be a 30-minute drive up there but it takes longer in the winter with all the snow peppering the road.

8. Take a Mini Hike

Feeling adventurous but not much stamina to keep you going?

Lake Alta is a beginner-friendly hike near the Remarkables Ski Resort. It is a short hike that should last for 90 minutes on a return trip. It starts right behind the ski resort, and you simply follow the flags and signs that will take you to the placid glacial lake.

9. Feast on a Burger at Fergburger

True, this is not exactly an adventurous thing to do...

But we figured with all that running around and hiking and jumping upside down, you'd be starving for something tasty. This is why Fergburger is around - to keep your tummy happy and chill out a bit before getting into another adventure. It is an icon in Queenstown, so you shouldn't feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Almost everyone in town should be able to point you in the right direction.

10. Go Canyoning

Want to do something a bit extreme?

Then canyoning is something cool to do in Queenstown. And it's pretty simple - all you have to do is to navigate your way and descend to a canyon with ropes to hold on to. But what if there are no ropes? No problem - you can simply jump off the waterfalls or swim through the caves. Sweet!

11. Picnic at Moke Lake

Picnic and adventure don't really merge, but...

We're talking about what happens before or after your picnic at Moke Lake! Here, you can set up your tent at a campground, hike, and even swim in the icy cold waters. How's that for an adventure?

Let the Queenstown Adventure Activities Begin!

There are absolutely dozens of adventure activities in Queenstown New Zealand and yet so little time for some visitors to do them all.

If you want to make the most out of your trip this holiday, be sure to have it all planned out to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at Carine Travel Bug, so we can help you plan for the perfect Queenstown adventure activities this upcoming trip!

As your trusted travel agent, we’re here to save you time and show you value for money. Creating a travel plan with us is the best plan if you're serious about seeing the world.

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